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Technical Support & Mentoring

One of the unique aspects of the Trades Brigade is the access to tradesmen and women who already experienced in business and have an affinity with you either by being former services personnel themselves or by being members of the TA.  Also we are building up an in-house knowledge base that you can draw on to support and supplement the running your business.

We have a mentor service that provides you with an individual that you can contact who has vast experience in your trade. They will assist you whenever you have questions or problems. The all have military ties, either via the TA or being ex-military. If you have experience in a trade then there is the opportunity to become a mentor and earn additional income. The Trades Brigade is establishing a broad network of tradesmen. This is beneficial as we are able to link tradesmen for jobs that require multiple artisan skills. We would also like to create a community where information can be exchanged.