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Business Opportunities

Running your own business is very rewarding. We want to enable service leavers to have the opportunity to successfully run their own businesses instead of being forced into employment. Our market research suggests that ex-military personnel who come across problems running their own business often fail within the first 18 months mainly due to the following reasons; a lack of a mentor to turn to when faced with issues, not properly monitoring cash flows, or concentrating on doing their trade and forgetting to maintain the crucial areas of business development and marketing. Partnership with Trades Brigade allows you to focus on the important task of carrying out your trade successfully while we help you maintain and develop your business. We also have many national work opportunities that we offer to our partners; therefore if work dries up we can find you work to keep your cash flow constant.

 Opportunities for established Tradesmen when partnering with The Trades Brigade:

  • Through The Trades Brigade’s nationally negotiated contracts we are able to offer work directly to established ex-service tradesmen as associates of The Trades Brigade.
  • Once registered as an associate partner you will be given the chance to bid on individual or collective projects.
  • Opportunity to mentor ex-military tradesmen. This is a chance to ‘give something back’ as well as earn extra income.
  • Partnering with The Trades Brigade facilitates linkage with other ex-military tradesmen, idea for multi-trade jobs.
  • The chance to join a community of ex-military tradesmen at The Trades Brigade.

Opportunities for Inexperienced Tradesmen when partnering with The Trades Brigade

  • Partnering with us puts you in control of your working life and allows you increased flexibility.
  • Advice and support regarding training and work placements.
  • The Trades Brigade start-up package allows tradesmen to be set up and ready start work as soon as possible after leaving the military.
  • Becoming a partner allows access to our mentor service, provided by experienced tradesmen. This gives you a point of contact when any issues arise.
  • We can provide inexperienced ex-military tradesmen with work/apprentice opportunities. 

The Trades we support

The business support package is primarily aimed at the artisan, home improvement and maintenance sector. The following are examples of the types of individuals who can benefit from partnering with The Trades Brigade:

  • New business start up
  • Existing independent tradesmen looking for a mentor or partner
  • Existing tradesmen looking for business support and wider sources of work
  • Existing tradesmen looking to mentor new service leavers
  • Injured servicemen looking for apprenticeships and mentoring
  • Injured servicemen looking for administrative roles 

The Trades Brigade offers support services to the individuals who want to work in artisan roles such as:




Gas Engineer






To find out further information about how we can assist you please refer to the What we offer page.

Dedicated territory for your Trade

When joining The Trades Brigade you will be assigned a unique and dedicated territory for your trade. You will be the only Trades Brigade worker in your trade that is permitted to operate in that area.

Sources of Finance

The start up costs when launching an independent business are daunting. Servicemen are potentially eligible for various grants at launch. These range from Government initiatives through Service Charities to the Public Sector.

Many are linked to age; others draw on Regional affiliation. They may not be publicised and are often difficult to negotiate through. The Trades Brigade will assist you every step of the way sourcing finance. The following are examples of possible sources of finance that may be available to you:

  • Royal British Legion Loans up to £5,500
  • Prince’s Trust Grants up to £500
  • In most cases this will only require the Serviceman to complete the details on the application form. The Trades Brigade can do the rest for you.